Artisan Plastic Surgery is a premier Atlanta cosmetic surgery facility that provides leading-edge treatments for the face, body and breast. Dr. Alexander, a co-founder of the practice, was ranked by the Consumer Research Council of America who named her one of the top plastic surgeons in America.

After getting to know Dr. Alexander during my photography experience in Patagonia, I came to admire her deep and authentic need to help women become their highest selves. Our conversations helped me to understand her approach to plastic surgery and her love of art and photography. She had previously directed the creation of a book and short video stories about the clinic's breast cancer patients. But, it was time to do another art + story project that included the full scope of her practice. A new book was born!

Thisbook includes a broad range of patient photographs and stories. We collaborated with a writer, graphic designer, personal stylists, and beauty professionals. All of the jewelry was designed by Dr. Alexander and Dr. Wang Ashraf and the photographs were done on site in the clinic's offices. The clinic showcases Dr. Alexander's art collection and is more like a gallery than a medical office.

Role: Project Manager, Creative Direction, Photographer

Collaborators: Katy Coppin, Writing/Editing; Amber Haynes, Graphic Design