Jessica provides a variety of services based upon individual needs of a client. What is needed could be a combination of any of the following: 

Facilitation: Using design methodologies, Art of Hosting, and Liberating Structures Jessica can develop a method of engagement to help a group map a system, clarify goals, define priorities, create a work plan, set benchmarks, and move through a hot wash process. She strives to help clients and teams get ideas and information out of their heads and into a shared space so those ideas can be acted upon.

Harvest: Harvest is a unique term used in the world of Art of Hosting. It describes a process that focuses on documenting the insights gained in a process and sharing those insights with the participants either in real time or at a later date. Photography, graphic recording, and utilizing templates are all ways to harvest a process. The key goal is that participants walk a way with shared ownership of and access to the knowledge created during the meeting or process. 

Design Process: Jessica can help you see your challenge or situation through the lens of the design process or gain a deeper understanding of design thinking. She can help you “design” your “thing,” while providing guidance and expertise. Your “thing” could be designing a meeting, an experience for your clients, your business plan, or your next career move.

Artifact Creation: Jessica can help manifest a product through her work with a network of photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and website developers. She specializes in creating printed material such as books, magazines, reports, and simple/agile websites for quickly sharing knowledge or harvest.

Training: Jessica is able to teach many of her methodologies such as harvest, visual thinking, design methods, photography, and Art of Hosting in a generous and supportive manner.